22 February 2007

From the Mailbag

Hey Keith,

I wanted to drop you a line on this because I thought it would be up your alley. The animal advocacy group Compassion Over Killing has created a new website to bring attention to the fact that Morningstar Farms continues to use "battery eggs" from caged birds in their products. Here is the link. The site specifically names Gardenburger as a company that does not used caged chickens to get the eggs for their products and links to Gardenburger's statement on the practice.

Congrats on the new site launch, by the way. As a life-long PB&J eater (I also love PB & Miracle Whip, a concoction my father and uncle introduced me to at a young age) the stats were very interesting to check out. I'll probably blog about it on my personal site in the near future to help you get the word out. Good stuff.

Best, Chris

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