06 April 2006

From the Mailbag

Good day, Professor,

Long time—no communication. I hope the last year has been pleasant for you—it's a new baseball season, and a new chance for your beloved Rangers (good luck!).

If you recall, the last time I corresponded with you, I expressed my consideration of [Don] Marquis's theory of the morality of murder [i.e., killing], how it applies to animals, and whether I should stop eating meat. It's been nearly a year of churning this information in my head—and alas, I have still not come to a definitive conclusion for myself. I suspect that I lean on the idea side of the immorality of killing for food. I think that I am fighting what might be obvious here because of 22 years of being a ravenous carnivore.

That being said, a week and 3 days ago, I decided to cut meat out of my diet. Though I am not 100% sold on the immorality of eating meat, I decided that 1) I ought not to continue until I have a full opinion and 2) health reasons—I realized that my years of overeating are from a hardwired distaste for wasting meat on my plate.

I must say, the first several days were extremely difficult—but I have adjusted nicely and am actually already feeling some benefits. I feel I have made a somewhat intellectual moral decision, which is good for my pride. Also—physically I feel better, as I have been able to focus very closely on my diet and improved it quite a bit. I have cut out all beef, pork, poultry, game, etc—if it walks or flies, I'm not eating it.

My apologies for the novel—I just felt I should thank you for the introduction to the world of the meatless—I think that, should I decide to stick with this, I will be better for it.

And happy birthday tomorrow—hope your semester is going well.

Regards, X

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