13 February 2004

From Yesterday's Dallas Morning News

Re: "Low-carb diet guru Atkins died obese," yesterday's news story.

Even though I'm not a dieter (I prefer the old-fashioned approaches of a balanced diet, portion control and exercise), I believe any story about Dr. Atkins and his condition (supposedly obese) at the time of his death needs an explanation of its source. I'm not talking about the medical examiner; I'm talking about the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which released the medical examiner's report.

Readers need to know that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is basically a vegetarian, animal-rights group, closely allied with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. No wonder it delighted in playing investigative reporter and then tattler with information that does not give a complete picture of the doctor's death.

Bob Cockrum, Grand Prairie

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