18 February 2017

Tom Regan (1938-2017), R.I.P.

Yesterday, the world lost its most powerful voice for animal rights, Tom Regan. Regan devoted his professional life to defending animal rights in his numerous books (including: The Case for Animal Rights; The Animal Rights Debate; Animal Rights, Human Wrongs; and Empty Cages), in his countless articles and public lectures, and in his testimony before Congress. No one has done more to explain what "animal rights" means and why animals have rights than Tom Regan. In a society (the U.S.) where 10 billion animals are raised and slaughtered needlessly for food each year, Regan's books remain as relevant today as when they were first published. As Regan expressed so simply and straightforwardly, what animal rights advocates want is for "people to stop doing terrible things to animals." Each of us can help bring an end to these terrible things by not eating animals, not wearing animals, not purchasing products tested on animals, and not consuming animal products. While the animal rights community has lost its biggest advocate, we can be grateful that his words will live on to inspire countless others to give animals the moral respect they are due.

It is obvious from the outpouring of love and admiration already expressed in social media that Tom Regan had a profoundly positive impact on many people's lives. Those wishing to honor him and to help further his legacy can make a tax-deductible donation in his name to the Culture & Animal Foundation [CAF], which Regan founded in 1985. CAF takes a distinctive approach to animal advocacy: it is the only all-volunteer organization exclusively dedicated to fostering intellectual and artistic expression aimed at furthering awareness of animal rights. Indeed, CAF is one of the few granting agencies that funds academic and artistic projects designed to raise public awareness about concern for animals. CAF’s grants help make possible the next generation of animal rights scholarship and artistry. To donate, simply make a check out to the “Culture & Animals Foundation” and mail it to:
Culture & Animals Foundation
3509 Eden Croft Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27612
You can learn more about the Culture & Animals Foundation and its mission here.