16 October 2006


Now that Mylan Engel has joined this blog, I'm doing some things that I meant to do long ago. First, I alphabetized the blogroll. I haven't checked the links yet, but I will. Some of them may not work. If you'd like something to appear in the blogroll, send me a link and I'll take a look. The idea is to make this blog useful, both as a scholarly research tool and as a way for ordinary people (i.e., nonscholars) to learn about animal ethics. Second, I've begun compiling a chronological list of books on animal ethics. (See the sidebar.) For the time being, it's limited to books (i.e., monographs and anthologies). Perhaps later, when all the books in my personal collection have been listed, I'll expand it to include articles. If you're a publisher, editor, or author and would like a book listed, write to me. I may already have your book. If not, you can send it to me. The citations will conform to the Chicago Manual of Style—except that I will omit publication details. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back on a regular basis. I also hope you tell your friends about this blog. Links are appreciated.

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