28 November 2003

Things Are Taking Shape

I have yet to hear from the people I invited; but then, it's been less than two hours. I must be patient. I hope that when they visit the site, they like the look. I've been tinkering with it to get it just right. I've already added a visitor counter and a comments section. If things go well (i.e., as hoped), this site will serve as a clearinghouse for information and arguments about animals. I envision undergraduate and graduate students (as well as their instructors) visiting the site regularly. I hope organizations such as PETA can be persuaded to link to it, which would increase our readership tremendously.

As someone who cares deeply about animals, wild and domesticated, I hope that the site persuades people to treat animals better—including no longer eating them! But as a philosopher, I hope the discussions are lively, challenging, and illuminating. As I am fond of saying, I'd rather not persuade at all than persuade illegitimately (by means of fallacious reasoning). The process is at least as important as the result. Let us do Socrates proud. Let us show our readers what it means to live an examined life.