18 March 2008

From the Mailbag

Hi! I am a long time vegetarian, now vegan for 10 years, and animal lover.

I wanted to pass on these amazing groups I'm a part of for possible features/links on your blog:
I run Etsy for Animals: Artists Helping Animals, a group of artists and
artisans helping animals, many are veg/vegan and donate to animal charities thru
sales: http://etsyforanimals.com/

Our shop w/100% to animal charity: http://etsyforanimals.etsy.com/

Vegan Etsy: Creating Without Cruelty: http://veganetsy.blogspot.com/

Cruelty Free Etsy: http://crueltyfreeetsy.blogspot.com/

Etsy Veg: http://etsyveg.blogspot.com/

My own vegan friendly shop giving 10% to animal charities: http://mvegan5.etsy.com/
Please let me know if you feature any of the above,

Thank you,
Michele Glick

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