21 January 2007

From the Mailbag


I'll tell you what's "too hard" . . .

Working 18 hour days 7 days a week in subzero blizzard conditions to care for our rescued victims of animal agriculture . . . to bear witness—first hand—to the abject suffering and deaths of individual farmed animals who have been assaulted throughout their entire lives by over 99% of the human population . . . to find hope and provide reparations for the survivors through round-the-clock care and personal sacrifice . . . to constantly create, develop, and implement unique, compelling, and effective education and outreach tools intended to advocate for the billions more who are not in our direct and daily care . . . to do all of this with an all volunteer group of dedicated and selfless people who give of themselves every single day and ask nothing in return except for everyone else to simply do their part—whatever that may be—to abolish their support of farmed animal exploitation, use, and murder.

So, if clicking on the forward button of an email, or cutting and pasting some or all of the text of an email, in order to possibly help billions of farmed animals is "too hard" for you; I think you need to re-examine your motives and goals.


Note from KBJ: This is the letter I received after telling Michele that she should provide a link in her e-mail updates.

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