01 December 2006


This blog had 2,325 visitors during November, which is an average of 77.5 visitors per day—which projects to 28,287.5 visitors per year. That is by far the most visitors during any month of the blog's three-year existence. The previous best month (March 2006) had 1,730 visitors (55.8 per day). I attribute the increased interest to Mylan Engel's presence. His posts—the first of which appeared on 15 October—are well-argued, well-written, interesting, and topical. I'm delighted to have him aboard. I hope you come back on a regular basis to see what's been posted, and, if you can, please spread the word. Links are appreciated. In my view, the moral status of nonhuman animals is one of the most important issues that any of us will confront, and it confronts all of us.

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