28 November 2006

Third Anniversary

I started this blog three years ago today. Here is the first post. Mylan Engel must have told me that he would join the blog, but it took him almost three years to do so! I'm glad he came aboard. The current month is the best yet, in terms of number of visitors. My own interest in the blog has increased as a result of Mylan's presence. There have been 42,820 visitors to the blog in three years. That's an average of 39 visitors per day. During much of that time, I posted only rarely. I still think of this blog mainly as a resource for scholars, which is why I added a bibliography. Mylan recently provided a list of additional books, which I will add in due course. Thanks for visiting. Please spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and students. If you have suggestions, including ways to improve the blog, please write to Mylan or me. One thing I appreciate is links to animal-related stories. I'm only one person, after all. I can't be everywhere or read everything.

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