15 January 2004

Abominable Advertising

I was horrified to visit this blog this morning and see the advertisements at the top of the page. They may or may not be there now, as you read this. Here's what I found:
Certified Angus Beef Filets, strips, prime rib and more delivered right to your door.

Great Steakhouse Steaks Allen Brothers - Since 1893 Serve/Give USDA Prime this holiday!
I'm pretty sure the ads are computer-generated. Software probably scans the blog to see what it's "about," then inserts ads it thinks are appropriate. Since beef has been mentioned on this blog many times, it probably thinks it's a beef-celebration site! I don't know what to do about this. I've been trying to upgrade both of my blogs (the other being AnalPhilosopher) to get rid of the advertising at the top, but Blogspot is not taking upgrade orders. As soon as it resumes taking orders, I will upgrade (for a fee) and get rid of the obnoxious and inappropriate advertising. I'm sorry if it ruined your day, as it did mine.